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Photography Critiques

For Open, Honest Feedback

Photography Critique
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Moderator/Creator: belimah
Moderator: mareimbri

This community exists for any photographers who are interested in honest, in-depth feedback regarding their work and that of others.

It is born of the frustration that accompanies such commentary as, "That's pretty," "I hate it," "I like it," or "It's too altered." While we all love to be told that our photos are beautiful, that is ultimately as useless a comment as being told that it is hideous.

All photos posted here are subject to criticism; that is the premise of this community, so be prepared to see positive, negative, and mixed reactions, and handle it maturely. We can all learn a great deal not only by receiving criticism, but also by analyzing others' works and giving thoughtful commentary.

All criticism should be conducted in a mature and expressive nature. No one really cares if you like or dislike a photo; they care about why you like or dislike it. Please be as specific as you can, and feel free to talk about not only the technical aspects of a photo, but also the abstract as well.

Overall, play nice together. Don't get offended, and don't be offensive.

Membership is moderated. If you apply, you will most likely be accepted. In the unlikely event that you are rejected, I will probably comment in your journal to say exactly why, and we can discuss it, if you like.

If you apply and I do not respond within 2 days, just contact me via my journal (mareimbri). I nearly missed someone because LJ did not send me a notification.

All of that said, here are the rules:

1. Photos may be posted at a maximum of 800x800 pixels. That is, at most, 800 horizontal, or 800 vertical. If the photo exceeds the maximum in either direction, use an lj-cut. There is no restriction on file size; just compress it enough to be courteous. Flagrantly large file sizes may cause this rule to change.

2. Post only one phtoto at a time, unless you wish to post a series. A series is a group of photos related by a common theme. If you post a series, put *all* photos after the first under a lj-cut. Bear in mind that if you post a series, the feedback will mostly be about the entire series, rather than details of individual shots.

3. Nudity is allowed, though the extent to which this applies is up to the discretion of moderators. Keep it tasteful. Anything deemed innappropriate is subject to deletion. Nudity does not require an lj-cut, although this is subject to change as we see how things go.

4. By all means, comment on others' work! But do so in a meaningful way; don't leave it at, "I don't like it" or "I like it."

5. Feel free to make a text-only post if you have questions or suggestions about the community. For now, text-only posts will be allowed if they address issues pertaining to critique, perception, analysis, etc., in order to promote discussion. But, please, no discussions of such mundane issues as like where you should host your photos.

6. OPTIONAL: Tag your posts with your username, and with things that might describe your photo. In the unlikely event that this community takes in a lot of members, it might be fun to be able to search through it all via tags. Please read the following post *BEFORE* tagging anything, though: http://www.livejournal.com/community/photo_critic/3939.html

Lastly, because there are some weird folks residing here, I'm preriodically throwing up a random quote from the community:

malady_dome - "again, it's the angle/perspective. get down on your knees boy!!"