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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2007|01:40 am]

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Portrait shoot - Powderhouse Square [May. 27th, 2006|03:54 pm]



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Self-portraits pic-post [May. 26th, 2006|04:15 am]


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Advice for working with photophobic subjects... [May. 24th, 2006|06:51 am]

Ok I know photophobic actually means fear of light, but you know what I mean.  I have a subject for a shoot today who is showing an incredible amount of trust in me.  She is so bothered by pictures of herself that she has never seen any photos of the wedding she had three years ago. 
She has lost a lot of weight recently and promised people she would get new photos taken. 

I think she is showing this faith in me for two reasons.  She has seen my work with others who I have taken portraits of and we are friends.  I want to make this experience as good for her as possible.   My normal style is to let my subjects be very casual.  We chat a lot while I take pictures which does end up with some random open-mouthed shots, but usually relaxes them.  I may ask them to stand near something or to look in another directions but I very rarely actually pose them.

She warned me that it might take her over a week to look at whatever pictures from the shoot seem to be the best ones (I shoot about one gig per session of RAW so 100+). 

I will be shooting outside which I think will help.  She is not shy about getting photographed in public and I think working without lights, reflectors and fake pieces of furniture should make the experience less alienating.

I know to shoot her from slightly above to avoid the look of a double chin.  I know some things about what poses make someone look more or less attractive, and I can see those things through the lens.

Does anyone have any other particular advice?
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Portrait shoot 2 [May. 20th, 2006|10:11 pm]

Fire Escape 1

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A portrait shoot of a friend [May. 10th, 2006|03:18 am]

I haven't done portrait shooting in a while.  The light on this day was really hard to work with, a bright grey, so I mostly worked with manual metering. 

I am curious as to what people think are the strongest photos in the series, and what they think of the series overall.  I think I would like to try to exhibit it as a group.

Archway B&W

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A stitch in time [May. 8th, 2006|09:54 am]

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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2006|06:43 pm]
My first try at stitching together photos I took with the intention of doing a panorama shot... do you see the seam? Whaddaya think of the picture in general? Too much texture? Too chaotic in B+W?

Warning: huge image.

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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2006|09:12 am]

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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2006|04:01 pm]

Does this work? I'm completely on the edge with this one.
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